Nina Rodin>2007> Natural Distribution




Natural Distribution (271 labels)

date > 6th of December 2007
media > acrylic and pencil on labels hanging from nails.
size > 140 x 70cm app.
status > sold


> Over about a month of painting, I recorded each colour I used on a label which I dated. The arrangement, the natural distribution, is from a photograph of a flowering tree: each nail marks the centre of a flower.

> That the distribution came from flowers is not important. It could have been from a swarm of insects or a school of fish. I am just interested in the aesthetics of these 'random' distributions which are actually quite difficult to reproduce. If I just sit and put dots on a paper, there is an overriding tendency to organise the dots, space them equally, clump them, force the aesthetic in some ways. The 'natural' distribution on the other hand, is not contrived.

> The labels are like a diary, a record of the colours I choose in my paintings. These are themselves quite random as I tend to use colour as a code, a bit like it is used in scientific diagrams, merely to distinguish one area from another.

> Overall, this piece is an exercise in randomness, an observation on the beauty inherent in purposelessness, a scientist's holiday.

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