Nina Rodin>2008> Study for signs




Study for signs

date > 2008
media > digital file

> Further developing work from the maquette from 2007, trying a different way of presenting these exhortations. Like the street signs because of the authoritative tone.

> The signs read: Do it your way; Strive for the world you like; Love yourself first; Value independence; Love me for what I am; You are exceptional; Be yourself; Your talent is your call; Trust your instinct; Insist on yourself, never imitate; It's your choice; Make th emost of yourself; You are unique.

> All these exhortations are commonplace and perhaps slightly more so in the setting of an art college. All are excerpts from quotes by famous people, taken from websites with quotes from famous people. I merely chose the shorter ones.

> Taken together, I believe they become absurd, and pose questions about free will, individuality and artistic originality. Just need to find an economical way of making something that looks believably like a street sign.