Nina Rodin>2010> 7-day painting performance




7-day painting performance

date > February 2010
media > performance
size > 3 x 6m
status > painting transferred to canvas


> Residency at Heal's: For seven days, and throughout the shop opening hours, I painted directly on the glass using high quality acrylics. The paint was dripped, splashed and painted on, peeled and scraped off, partially loosened with subsequent layers of paint and slid around or relocated elsewhere on the glass.

> The idea was to use the transparent inert support of the glass much as a large microscope slide to let passers-by oberve the painting process live and close-up.

> At the end of the seven day process, the paint was peeled off and transferred to canvas, giving rise to a new piece of work 'Detached'

> UCL link with a video about the residency: click here



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