Nina Rodin>2010> 2023 Samples of marks





2023 Samples of marks from the University of the Arts, London

date > August 2010
media > digital print on acetate
size > 14.2cm x 4.2cm each
status > commission


> 2023 Samples of marks from UAL is a collection of macro-photographs of intentional as well as accidental marks collected from across the 7 colleges of the university. They are presented in a format inspired by microscope slides and arranged in an open, organic distribution. By photographing both finished works in degree shows and the myriad unclaimed marks found within the university’s sprawling premises, I am exploring where their boundaries blur: ‘owned’ marks from signed works may be accidental, while some found, ‘disowned’ marks are clearly intentional. 2023 samples questions the place of the individual within the crowd and the notion of free will and artistic originality.


> Installation View:


> Details:



> A subsection of this work was also shown in New York, at the National Arts Club in 2018:


> This work was also shown in the solo show Duplicata: