Nina Rodin>2011> 11 x Untitled




11 x Untitled

date > June 2011
media > gesso and acrylic on plywood
size > 11 x 24 x 30cm


> 10 identical paintings in 10 layers (including gesso). Before applying each layer increasing proportions of each painting were masked off with latex (following mathematical progressions). Latex was removed to reveal different fractions of the layers that make up the final painting(s).

> Process, originality, control, forensics, archeology, memory, expressionism/ detachment, formalism, pictorial depth, layers



> Notes while I was working on this:

> I have been working for the past 3 weeks on 11 panels. On all of them I have painted the same painting but gradually masking different proportions off with latex which will be removed at the end to expose a sort of forensic archaeology of the painting, revealing some of the hidden layers.

The work originates from a desire to scrape through the glazes and reveal the underlayers of many paintings that I see. In this, there is both sheer curiosity and a continuous wonder for all that the medium can do but also a more aggressive drive to lay bare the illusion, the doubts, mistakes, hesitations embedded in most if not all paintings. The style of the painting which I have repeated so mechanically is chosen to look emotional, expressionistic. Yet the manner of the enquiry is distanced and calculated.

Still, I can't wait to take the latex off because even with such a carefully laid plan, I have no idea what the outcome is going to be. And perhaps that's the most exciting part.


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