Nina Rodin>2011> Circular Samples




Circular samples from 25 consecutive paintings on one canvas

date > January 2011
media > acrylic on canvas in perspex frame and acid-free mount
size > 400 x 150cm
status > available


> Twenty five consecutive paintings of arbitrary subject matter taken from the work of other artists around me, were painted on the same canvas. Each time a painting was completed, a representative circular sample was removed. The work seeks to apply a forensic pseudo-scientific methodology to systematically dissect the painting process. Ultimately this exhaustive process of investigation destroys what is being studied. Through this work I satisfy both a yearning to paint and engage with the painterly process and respond to a scientific reflex of distanciation, acquired in my previous career as a research scientist.

> In previous presentations, the 25 samples were shown simply stacked in a petri dish.




> For my degree show at the Slade, called The Old Methods Room the circular samples were shown in a Petri dish as below on a worktop with the canvas leaning against the counter.


>The final form of the work - framed in a perspex box with the canvas:





> For my solo show Duplicata 2015 the work was finally framed in a Perspex box frame as shown here:


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> Shown in following exhibition: