Nina Rodin>2013> 1000 round drawings





1000 round drawings

date > May 2013
media > ink on paper in handmade clamshell box
size > 41.5 x 47.5 x 8 cm
status > available

> Because even when you just draw round things, there is an infinite number of things one could draw...

> One thousand round drawings were made with a fineliner onto number-stamped labels. These are displayed in a stack of archival acetate slide pockets inside a hand made archival clamshell box which also features an inlaid screen playing a 15 minute video of all the labels hanging off a nail on a background of grey book cloth. The viewer cannot handle or see all the individual labels and is forced instead to experience them in the same order as I drew them though at a much accelerated rate. The viewer can either give each label the same amount of attention or note experience them at all and hopefully share in my frustration of whether we should attach more importance to any of these images at all.

> Video from the work:

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