Nina Rodin>2013> Collaboration with Dennis de Caires





Collaboration with Dennis de Caires > cut paintings

date > August 2013
media > acrylic on bamboo paper

> In collaboration with Dennis de Caires, I worked for two weeks on producing 10 copies of the same painting on 10 large sheets of thick bamboo paper. We painted a second series of paintings on the back of the first ones (shown above). Each painting was documented photographically before being cut up each into 16 identical pieces. Each painting will be reassembled into a handmade book and hard bound. While the paintings look very similar, the variations within each of the 16 segments reveals huge variations and the incidental nature of such a style of painting.


> After some discussion, the finished books were bound and finished the following year:


> Related work: 'Cut paintings', an edition of 10 books ready in 2014.