Nina Rodin>2014> 2012 labels





2012 labels (and some accidents)

date > September 2014
media > Paper, card, watercolour, gouache, pencil and archival printing
size > 5 x (13 x 13 x 1 cm)
status > single edition, available


> Text inside back cover of the last volume:

> In 2012, I set out to paint 2012 labels in a Fibonacci spiral, simply because in 2011, I had painted 2011 of them. Towards the end, my sleeve caught some purple watercolour that was dragged across the painting. It was rolled up and languished in the studio, got a little crumbled, acquired some more stains and was the subject of some half-hearted experiments with white gouache and water. Eventually it was cut up into 12cm squares to save space in the studio and shelved. Two years later, I was making books out of cut paintings with Dennis de Caires and learning about soft cover book binding with Clare Bryan and James Keith and the squares came off the shelf again.'

> Additional images:

> The covers of the books are each printed with a numbered grid, reminiscent of a periodic table. On each grid the row contained in the book is printed in bold.

> Each book is an accordeon holding between 8 and 10 square fragments of the original painting.

> The last page of the last volume is signed.

> Detail of all the books unfolded.

> Overview of all the books unfolded. Like this you can resonstitute the original painting.


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