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It's very quiet here

date > 2014
publication > Issuu

It's very quiet here - A portrait of a residency, an essay on visual silence, and footnotes for an exhibition.

1. On visual silence.

'It's very quiet here' is a phrase I often hear when resident artists arrive in Trelx. Sounds are not necessarily quieter - church bells and cow bells are very loud - but from the high windows of the large studio, one observes very little change or movement. In the distance, nothing ever seems to change much yet one then becomes attuned to the most subtle changes. perhaps the stillness is also more overwhelming because it is a new experience, different from the daily background din.

Over 40 artists that have worked in the studio since 2012, for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months. Many threads have emerged but an early connection was made between the artists Min Kim, Kezia Pritchard, Kristofer Henrikson, Nicholas John Jones and Yoonjung Kim eventhough they did not all overlap inTrelex. The unobtrusive stillness in their work and the meditative quality of their practice make me aware of the concept of Visual Silence, a quality I have since explored in my own practice and sought out in that of others... read more on issuu on this link or just below