Nina Rodin>2014> Transparent Crowds





Transparent Crowds

date > August 2014
media > ink, cartridge and tissue paper, thread, archival printing
size > 22 x 35.5 x 0.5 cm
status > available, single edition


> Transparent Crowds is a book made from 27studies that I kept in a drawer since 2009. They are tracings of photos of crowds I had taken with paintings in mind: crowds of roofs, people, cells, branches, chimneys, tents, bushes, roots, rocks, molecules, shadows, flowers...

> Inspired by Clare Bryan who came to Trelex for a summer meeting on Art Books in Art Practice, I was inspired to try her minimal approach to Japanese binding.

> Turning the pages in this book is a very sensual experience and feels reminiscent of the process of painting: layers added, superceding previous layers and eventually obliterating them with many surprises in between. In that respect this work is one I relate to the video of '27 portraits of my mother' (see below).


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