date > 2015
where > hand-made single edition artist book and box with acrylic on canvas inserts. Interleaved with archival glassine
size > 45.5 x 33.5 x 5 cm
what > single edition hand-made in Archival box. available

> Text inside Duplicata Book:


This book contains two paintings, each cut into 32 pieces. The first was painted by Sarah Knill Jones (SKJ) to parameters set by Nina Rodin. The painting was to contain a variety of marks, gestures and techniques used by historical painters such as De Kooning, Kline, Baselitz, Nolde, Twombly, Guston, Tàpies, Motherwell, Hofmann, etc... Painters - all male, incidently - who espouse a brushstroke that is meant to be expressive of an internal emotion but which is in danger of being emptied of meaning through repeated use. From an original ground-breaking turn in the history of painting, such mark-making in contemporary painting now seems like an empty mimicking, a poor copy of itself. Yet its lush, lively, visceral qualities make it irresistible to generation after generation of artists.

The second painting is by Nina Rodin (NR). It was painted concurrently with the first, with an identical set of palette and brushes. The paintings were then cut into thirty-two pieces. Each page of this books shows a fragment from each painting. Neither can be said to be an original. Both are driven by a desire for paint.

Nina Rodin. Trelex, 2015


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