Nina Rodin>2016> 71 layers. Oh, and a brush.





71 layers. Oh, and a brush.

date > Sept 2016
media > acrylic on primed board and brush
size > 24 x 30 cm, unframed, including brush
status > available

> Following on from painting 27 portraits of my mother and in response to meeting a paint archaeologist who scrapes away at layers of paint in buildings, I decided it would be immensely satisfying to paint the same surface over and over again, enjoying how each colour covers the next.

> A little of each layers is left uncovered and the brush is included so the process is obvious. For the first dozens of layers, the paint remains very thin but eventually gets crusty and overhangs the support.

> More formally, the work is part of a series that allows me to paint and indulge my need for the stuff following a logical protocol and without creating any form of representation. It is meant to be a painting that is just about aspects of painting itself. I like to reduce painting to its component parts, pull the wings off the butterfly.

> Though there is meant to be a touch of humour in the work, it is also meant to feel laborious, fastidious, obsessed.



71 layers from Nina Rodin-Artist on Vimeo.


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