Nina Rodin>2017> Swiss Landscape





Swiss Landscape

date > October 2017
media > oil on canvas by unknown artist mounted in Perspex box
size > 25.9 x 35.6 x 4 cm

> I have a love hate relationship with landscape painting. I often feel the urge to indulge in it but find the actual landscape I am looking at hard to improve on. I am also put off by what a crusty genre it has become. Yet a landscape is eminently suggestive of paint: layers of mist, clouds, flowing water, grass leaves each suggest their own type of brush stroke. And when I see a finished landscape, though I often find the image totally uninspiring compared to being in the real thing, i drawn in to look closely at the brushstrokes, the types of mark that have been used and there is something that I desire after all.

> Living in Switzerland since 2011, I feel somewhat assailed by the constant presence of a rather sublime landscape. Also by the prevalence of landscape painters around me.

> This is my way of preserving and rendering precious what I most like - the mark- in a pristine Perspex frame while loosing the kitchen as of the image.

> I particularly like how much of a sense of the landscape survives this treatment that is both meant to be brutal and delicate.


> Details: