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The Clothes Project Books

date > November 2017, work on-going in 2018
media > handbound, embossed, archival prints, hand-annotated with permanent ink, in buckram covered wood box
size > 12 volumes in box

> The Clothes Project books were made to go with The Clothes Project movie (see related works below) which shows the 11,985 photos of clothes changes that I made in a year. The movie shows the images at a rate of 8 images per second and so speeds up the year in a ridiculous fashion. The books, on the other hand, slow down the process and really reveal the painstaking nature of the process. Every one of the photos is printed, 36 images per page. Each volume holds one month of photos and each volume is numbered, 01 to 12. Each volume is a different colour that I associate with that month.

> Underneath the photos are three lines of text. The first line describes where I was and what I was doing, what the weather was and other constraints on what I could wear. The second line describe what clothe change happens in each photos. The third line will feature an index number for the piece of clothing I put on or remove which will refer to a number in an appendix listing all the clothes and accessories that I wore that year.


> Photos:


> Images of the clothes project books as shown as part of the clothes project installation at the Andata/Ritorno gallery. They were shown on a purpose-built table.



> Images of the clothes project books as shown at the as shown at the National Arts Club as a work in progress together with the documentary that was made about the project.


> Video documentary of the clothes project:

The Clothes Project trailer from Nina Rodin-Artist on Vimeo.


> Related work:



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