Nina Rodin>2018> Categories of Near-infinite Permutations





Categories of Near-infinite Permutations

date > February 2018
media > Japanese origami paper, watercolour paper, insect pins in box frame
size > 162 x 162 x 10 cm (framed)


> Over more than five years, I collected original Japanese origami papers until I had 1000 different ones. These were folded into butterflies and pinned into foam board covered with water colour paper in a custom made frame using insect pins.The arrangement is based on a Fibonacci spiral, which is mathematical distribution found in nature (for example in the seeds of a sunflower). It has two important properties in this context. One is that the different elements are equally spaced from one another. The other is that you can make a perfectly circular arrangement out of any number of elements. Thus there is always space for one more. This is therefore not a closed system, there will always be space for another different origami paper to be added, in principle. Stopping at the round number of 1000 is therefor just a scientist’s fancy. I suspect the work could keep growing with every new iteration of origami paper that might be created in the future or all the ones I failed to collect.

> The work was given the same title as the show ‘Categories of Infinite Permutations’ as it was completed to be included in this show:



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1000 origami papers from Nina Rodin-Artist on Vimeo.