Nina Rodin>2019> Category of Near-infinite Permutations V - 315






Category of Near-infinite permutations V - 315

date > March 2019
size > 86 x 86cm
media > japanese origami paper, entomology pins, watercolour paper, foam board, hand made oak frame
status > sold May 2020 to Swiss collector


> This is the fifth in a series of works made with the1000 different origami papers I collected for the first huge frame first shown at Andata Ritorno Gallery solo show. In order to collect 1000 different papers, I often had to buy larger pieces of paper or packs of papers that contained papers which I already had in the collection. The resulting duplicates were used in a series of smaller and smaller butterfly arrangements. I have kept the smallest one but sold the others. I don’t really plan to make any more with Japanese papers.