Nina Rodin>2019> Housewife I - Hung out







Housewife I - Hung out

date > May 2019
media > drying rack and acrylic paint
size > 100 x 60 x 75 cm


> I am fascinated with painting skins: how thin and fragile a painting is even when layers and layers have been built up. The painting which seems to have depth and substance on its support is suddenly reduced to something so thin, limp and pathetic. Though I also find beauty in that fragility.

> This work forms a pair with another one involving a household iron. Both are symbolic of juggling motherhood and other expectations placed on women with being a professional artist and a painter. I seem to oscillate between working with great conviction, assurance and presence and then doubting everything and things falling apart in my hands. I am both viscerally drawn to the material of paint and hating it for all the problems and challenges it throws my way.