Nina Rodin>2019> Wild Caviar Prints (artist's proofs)







Wild Caviar Prints (artist's proofs)

date > September 2019
media > giclée prints on aluminium dibon
size > 29cm diameter
status > available

>The video Pink Green Caviar by Marilyn Minter is the inspiration for this photographic series and the video of the same name.

>The full title of the work is: Addictive, alluring, attractive, colourful, crazy, crusty, delicious, dripping, drooling, explosive, filthy, fleshy, fluid, heavy, hot, irrational, irreverent, luscious, messy, muddy, oozing, pasty, private, repulsive, sensual, serious, sexy, shitty, silky, slimy, sloshing, snotty, splashing, unctuous, violent, visceral, wild caviar.

> Each print is further titled with a description of the body parts and props included in the shot.

> Caviar refers to the indulgent luxurious aspect of paint. This is Rodin’s all-in exploration of the most un-scientific part of her practice. Though the round aperture references both the microscope and the telescope.

> Nina plans an edition of larger prints at some point in the future.

> The photos were taken in collaboration with Holly Birtles who held the camera under Nina’s direction for this series. Birtles also uses some of the same photos in her own practice.

> Three of the series were shown in the exhibition Photospiel with Karl Oskar Gallers in November 2019 Berlin.


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