date > January 2020
medium > giclée print on dibond (behind plexiglass)
size > 50 x 33cm
status > available through Karl Oskar Gallery

> This photo is part of the series of Self-Portraits with failed projects, both photographs and paintings. ‘Stuffed’ is both the title of the original work (link here) and of this portrait. The original work still lives in my studio and is one of my own favourites. But most people who see it want it to be lit up from inside, as if it were a lamp.

> But the gesture of putting this glass globe over my head is much more than about posing with a failed project. It is about my situation as a painter. In that sense, the word ‘stuffed’ also refers to my position as a female artist, as a scientist turned artist and to my position with the weight of painting’s history. In many contemporary London Art schools, the painting department is seen as a bit stuffy.


> Installation shot of the print in the solo show at Karl Oskar Gallery:


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